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Because I'm a creeper. And a procrastinator.

The following charming interaction just took place on ye olde OKC: Screencap. (Perfectly SFW, not that... you guys doubted).

Unfortunately I blocked him lest he get too turned on by my hard to get feminine wiles, but while all this was going on I was stalking him on the side.

His name is Christopher David Trumbull (David presumably after his father), he was born August 15, 1989, his address is 3270 Fairhill Drive, Rocky River, Ohio, 44116. Graduated from Rocky River High in 2007, attending University of Akron currently. 6'4", 280lbs, blue eyes. Facebook here. Previous charges of assault (numerous), aggravated menacing (numerous), telecommunications harassment (a bazillion), solicitation (lol forever). Driver's license #SZ623059, license plate # DYV5607, at least on the car with expired plates in January 2009. Also went 52 in a 35 mph zone. He has Verizon and most likely an LG Dare AT&T and an iPhone <4, though the Dare may have existed previously. Assuming David is his father and if I'm looking at the right David Trumbull of Rocky River, Ohio, he's been in and out of jail for drugs and drug trafficking, giving a whole new meaning to the question, "Are you on crack?"David has a Facebook here.

In conclusion, I kind of wish I hadn't blocked him. And the internet is moderately terrifying and mostly AWESOME.

Edited as I do my learnings!

I should be studying though. Real subjects.
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